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Course 2021-22
January  2023

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Workshops for learning how to cook as well as getting to know Catalan and Spanish culture.
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The Boqueria Cookery School offers workshops for non-professionals to learn how to cook and discover, observe and experiment with food. We explain and teach traditional Catalan and Spanish cooking.

Contents of the course:
During the workshops we explain where the different foods come from, what they are like, their varieties, characteristics, seasonality and quality. In every workshop they will go through the whole process from the market place to the table, arousing a host of sensations. Participants will experience our traditions informally, in a professional kitchen.

  • We'll drink with a porrón (traditional Catalan drinking vessel).
  • Meals will be accompanied by "pa amb tomàquet" (Catalan tomato toast).
  • The cooking school will provide all the necessary materials.

Choose a Wednesday, a topic and a type of workshop
Workshop languages:Catalan, Spanish, French and English (translator required for English)
Amount of people in a workshop:20 minimum and 30 maximum (if the group is bigger two workshops shall be held on the same day and at different times)
Amount of people in a lecture:25 minimum to 40 maximum
Schedule:Wednesdays: morning / midday / afternoon / evening
Where:Aula de Cuina (Kitchen workshop) in La Boqueria market (3rd floor, Market office building, at rear)

Prices and enrolment

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Select: Wednesdays: morning / midday / afternoon / evening. The subject and length of activity

  • The world of olives, the tree and the oil
  • About Catalan cooking

  • FRUIT: we’ll make meat-stuffed apples and curd cheese tarts
  • VEGETABLES: spinach with raisins and pine-nuts; pears in wine
  • FISH: sardines in breadcrumbs and Escalivada (Catalan dish of roasted aubergines, onions and peppers)
  • MEAT: chicken with prunes and pine-nuts, and battered aubergines
  • PASTA: Fideuà (noodles paella-style) and roasted vegetables with Romesco sauce
  • EGGS: different tortillas (potato, potato and chorizo, aubergine), pan con tomate (bread rubbed with tomato and a drizzle of oil)
  • TAPAS: 6 different tapas: patatas bravas, pescadito frito (small fried fish), mini hamburguesa con cebolla caramelizada (mini-hamburger with caramelized onions) , berenjena rebozada (battered aubergines), pimientos del piquillo con queso de cabra (small red peppers with goat’s cheese), sobrasada y huevo de codorniz (Mallorcan sausage paste with quail’s egg)
  • PAELLA: We’ll make a meat and fish paella.

And we’ll make them drink with a porrón! A traditional Catalan drinking vessel.
They can also choose other options. Discuss with staff at the school.

MENUS Workshop + Lunch or Dinner

Traditional Catalan and Spanish

Salteado de setas (Fried wild mushrooms)
Pollo al Ajillo (Chicken with garlic)
Peras al vino (Pears in wine)

Autumn Catalan cooking

Sopa de setas (Wild mushroom soup)
Arroz de montaña (Rice dish with meat)
Crema catalana (Catalan-style crème brûlée)

Traditional Catalan and Valencian

Ensalada de escarola con granada (Frisée salad with pomegranate)
Paella mar y montaña (Seafood and meat paella)
Helado de Turrón (Nougat ice-cream)

Catalan and Galician traditional dishes

Tortilla de patatas con chorizo (Potato and chorizo omelette)
Vegetales con romesco (vegetables with Romesco sauce)
Carquinyolis (Nutty biscuits)

Catalan traditional dishes

Ensalada Xató (Frisée salad with Romesco sauce and salt cod)
Arroz caldoso (Traditionall Catalan rice)
Coca chicharrones (Traditional tart with crackling and pine nuts)

Catalan, Valencian and Cordoban traditional dishes

Espinacas con pasas y piñones (Spinach with raisins and pine nuts)
Fideuà (noodles paella-style)
Rosquillas (tosquitos) (traditional pastry from Cordoba)

Galician, Valencian and Catalan traditional dishes

Pimientos de Padrón (Fried small green peppers)
Paella Valenciana
Mel i mató (Honey and curd cheese)

Catalan, Andalucian and Spanish traditional dishes

Pescado frito (Small fried fish)
Arroz negro (Rice with squid’s ink)
Torrijas (Bread, milk, eggs and sugar)

Mallorcan, Madrid and Spanish traditional dishes

Trempó (tomato, green pepper, onion and peach)
Huevos estrellados (Fried eggs broken over fried potatoes)
Queso con membrillo (Cheese with quince)

Andalucian, Catalan and Valencian traditional dishes

Berenjenas rellenas (stuffed aubergine)
Horchata (cold tiger nut drink)

The menu includes wine and water.
Other menu options are available. Discuss with staff at the school.


Una experiencia única apta para los amantes de la cocina y para los principiantes.
Realizamos talleres de cocina y nutrición para adultos, en otros espacios de Barcelona y comarcas.
Más info

Sorpréndete de lo que eres capaz en la cocina

Cada mes nuevos cursos y talleres de diferentes temáticas.
Creemos en la gastronomía de temporada, de proximidad y en cuidar de nuestro cuerpo, trabajamos con la mejor materia prima de mercado.
Todos nuestros talleres son prácticos y participativos, cocinamos entre todos, terminando comiendo todo lo que habremos cocinado.

Personas por 1 taller:mínimo de 6 y máximo 15 personas
Duración:2h y 3h
Lugar donde se realiza:Consultar programa
Inscripciones:En el mismo centro


Plaça de la Concòrdia, 13, Barcelona - Tel: 934 101 007
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C/Castelló, 1-7, Barcelona - Tel. 932 417 874 / 667 652 522
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Ptge. Dr. Torent, 1, Barcelona - Tel: 933 493 522    
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C/ del Bisbe Urquinaona, 19-21, Castelldefels - Tel: 936 369 697     
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